Rose Di Mascio - Artist

I have painted and sketched throughout my life. My work reflects my surroundings and love of nature. As a child I lived in the atmospheric Furness area south of the Lake district and always liked being outdoors and exploring.

I returned to the area to do a BA Hons in Visual Arts at Lancaster University in 1982. From living in historic Durham and studying archaeology for part of my degree I gained an interest in Medieval history and art.

I then worked in Durham Archaeology museum and Beamish museum followed by a stint of doing art therapy. Through the latter I became interested in Psychiatric nursing and did my training. As the nursing demanded a different mindset to the concentration and isolation needed to do art I drifted away from exhibiting and concentrated more on the nursing while still doing my art during those rare moments of free time.

Then the urge to paint returned with a vengeance and am now painting on a regular basis, doing commissions and looking towards exhibiting again.

I like to provoke a sense of mystery in my work and to capture atmosphere. In contrast to this the concentration needed to do botanical paintings latterly has also helped me to set technical challenges for myself and to look in detail at plants and wildlife.

Artistic Statement

I am an artist based in Seaton Sluice, Northumberland. Nature, botany, wildlife, myth and history, especially Medieval, are themes often found in my work. I enjoy taking different images and ideas to compose a painting or creating a mood or atmosphere with the use of light and shade. I will do sketches from real life to capture the feeling of a place.

The techniques I use are diverse as I like the freedom to experiment with different paints and surfaces. The resulting work can sometimes be illustrative and sculptural, but I hope there will always be an air of mystery to draw the viewer in to the picture.